How it began. The brief chronicle of the beginning of the Ingush aggression in 1992

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The public- political situation in Ingushetia and among the Ingush part of the population of the Suburban District of the North Ossetia from the middle of October, 1992 was characterized by the constant escalating of forces for the forthcoming military operations against the North Ossetia with the purpose of the armed capture of the part of the Suburban District and the city of Vladikavkaz.
    In all the areas of Ingushetia and in the villages of the Suburban District with the prevalence of the Ingush part of the population began to form the fighting troops.The largest of them were concentrated in the settlements Chermen and Tarskoe of the Suburban District of Ossetia.
     Each group consisted of more than 500 persons, armed with the automatic weapon and the rifle-grenade throwers. For the participation in the future military operations at the disposal of the Ingush heads were more than 30 tanks, self-propelled artillery installations, some tens of armoured cars of various modifications. Tens of "Кam AZ" have been sewed round by thick steel sheets. In the Ingush settlement Dzhejrah (22 km to the south of Vladikavkaz) periodically made a landing the helicopter from Georgia, which brought weapon and ammunition.
The Chechen Republic has put a condition of the territorial separation between the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia the decision of the problem of the Suburban District by the Ingushs till the application of force by them. Most likely that the Chechen President meant the future reunion of the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia with the seized territories of Ossetia.
      In the prospecting purposes and the ideological maintenance of the future military operations in Vladikavkaz from the middle of October daily began to arrive the delegations of Ingushs from Nazran and the Suburban District ,which probed the positions of the management of the republic,the commanding of the Union staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in case of the armed attack on the North Ossetia.
     Such trips were made by the Vice-chairman of the People's Council of Ingusetia Y.Y.Kushtov, the chairman of the Suburban regional Council of the People's Deputies A.H.Dasliev, the deputy of the Supreme Council of the North Ossetia Soviet Socialist Republic B.A.Hamathanov and the others.
On October, 22nd, 1992 the situation in the North Ossetia has sharply become aggravated.
At 17:30 in the area of the settlement Yuzhniy the crowd of about 350 Ingushs had blocked the operative-investigatory group of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the North Ossetia Soviet Socialist Republic, which was driving at the place of incident. The crowd did not disperse till 19 o'clock.
All that time in the settlements Yuzhniy and Chernorechenskoe the Ingushs drove the motor vehicles, collected people, conducted a chaotic shooting from the automatic weapons, called upon the Ingushs for the armed attack against Ossetia, have fired the group of employees of the militia of the Soviet area of Vladikavkaz.The junior sergeant J.N.Kajtukov has been killed, the four employees have been wounded, the others have been disarmed. The sergeant of militia K.T.Dzhimiev has died from the received wounds .
At 19:40 the crew of an armoured motor-car of the army part 3186 also have been fired by the Ingushs.
Having got up on alarm and directed to the place of the incident, the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the North Ossetia Soviet Socialist Republic in the area of the settlement Yuzhniy have been met by the dense fire from the automatic weapon and the rifle-grenade throwers.
On October, 24th, 1992, the so-called, united session of the Nazranskiy, Маlgobekskiy, Sunzhenskiy district councils and the deputies of the Ingush Republic, of the deputy group ( of Ingushs) of the Suburban Region of the North Ossetia Soviet Socialist Republic has actually declared a war to the sovereign North-Ossetia Republic (the text of the decision is mentioned above).

On October, 30th, 1992

At 23:30 on a motorway in the area of the settlement Каrts as a result of bombardment of the motor vehicle by the Ingushs the employee of militia G.E.Bolataev has been killed and the other employee of militia T.V.Pliev has been hardly wounded. Within all the night in a number of settlements of the Suburban Region a shooting from small arms was conducted.
At 02:02 in the settlements Dachnoe, Dzheyrakh,Kambileevskoe the Ingush gangs have begun military operations against the non- Ingush population of these villages.
In 06:25 the check point-25 (at the settlement Chermen of the North Ossetia Soviet Socialist Republic) was attacked by the armed group of persons of the Ingush nationality (more than 400 persons). In the fastened firing have been wounded 2 military men of the army part of 3186.By the attacked was seized the armoured motor-car, the staff has been disarmed, 8 military men have been taken in hostage and were sent to Ingushetia.
At 07:01 the department of militia of Chermen has informed, that they were fired by the Ingush gangs.
.At 07:00 has begun the mass attack of the armed Ingushs on the villages of the Suburban Region.
At 07:40 the department of militia of Chermen have ceased to come out on communication.
At 07:45 for finding-out of the circumstances at the check point-25 have been directed by the commanding 6 armoured motor-cars, which have been blocked,disarmed and seized later by the Ingush armed gangs in quantity up to 1,5 thousand persons. The staff of the operative-army group also has been disarmed. 84 Russian military men have been taken in hostage and sent to Ingushetia.
At 06:23 the five employees of the MLD (a medical-labour dispensary of the village Dachnoe) have been taken in hostage by the Ingushs.
By 06:30 in the settlements Kartsa, Redant,Sputnic,Yuzhniy the Ingush gangs have began fighting with the orders of the ossetian militia. Some of the employees of militia have received wounds, and Alan. Botsoev was killed. The armored motor-car of the special department of militia was set on fire.
At 08:16 in the settlement Yuzhniy have accumulated up to 2 thousand Ingushs, armed by the newest small arms and the rifle-grenade throwers. 2 armoured motor-cars have been shooted. At the Second Redant 8 persons were wounded and 2 persons were killed. The Ingushs shot from the large-caliber machine guns and the rifle-grenade throwers.
At 10 o'clock to the operative-army groups was given the command to remove from the protected sites of approach of the Ingush bands on Ossetia, to not interfere with the course of operations.The roads to Ossetia for the Ingush bands, strengthened by the seized at the Russian armies armoured technics and arms, have been opened. At 11 o'clock the majority of posts of the army operative groups were removed from the places of dislocation. The author of this criminal order still remains unknown.
At 9:20 the Ingushs have begun a tank attack on the village Каmbileevskoe.Several armoured motor-cars had been directed at the village Dachnoe. After the removal of the army operative groups and the announcement of "neutrality" by the armies has begun the mass thrown of the Ingush bands on the Suburban Region and on the surburbs of Vladikavkaz.
At 10: 00 in the Ingush language are transferred the message: "The gathering Is declared ". This command has been submitted as the beginning of the general attack on the territory of Ossetia.
Since that moment it became clear, that the military actions of the Ingush armed bands in advance had been carefully prepared experts of military science and the fights are conducted according to the plan, but not spontaneously, that there was a uniform command of the Ingush armed formations.
From the city Nazran (Ingushetia) in the direction of the Suburban Region of Ossetia has begun the movement of the Ingush armoured technics. In the city of Vladikavkaz the fighting armed groups of Ingushs have started to operate,the inhabitants of Vladikavkaz of the Ingush nationality have joined them. Two planes were turning round above the settlement Octyabrskoye.
At 10:17 the planes have flown aside Nazran.
At 10:10 the village Каmbileevskoye was attacked by 10 tanks, 5 armoured motor-cars and more than 100 Ingush insurgents.Has begun the mass capture in hostages the persons of the ossetian nationality.
Has begun the execution of persons of the ossetian nationality.
At 10:34 7 armoured motor-cars and several hundred Ingushs have begun an attack on the settlement Olginskoe, which is part of the Right-bank region of the North Ossetia, which has never been the object of dispute.
At 11:55 by the Ingush gangs have been blocked and disarmed the staff of the army part 6801 (the settlement Dachnoe, the North Ossetia). By the attacked have been seized 33 Kalashnikov automatic weapons, 16 pistols, 50000 ammunition, the military property was plundered, 5 military men as the hostages have been sent to Ingushetia.
Approximately at 12 o'clock the village Chermen have entered 7 Ingush tanks.At the same time in the village Predgornoe on the post of the internal armies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ossetia was made an attack by the Ingushs. 2 employees have been seized, 3 soldiers have received wounds.
At 12 o'clock in the village Octyabyrskoe has landed the helicopter, from which they have started to shoot down the people.
At 12:05 the radio station of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was muffled.
At 12:15 the Suburban regional department of militia have been completely surrounded and blocked by the Ingushs. The staff of the department conducted an unequal fight.
At 13:44 from the Ingush village Dzhejrah have been brought up guns and about 100 armed Ingushs.
At 13:10 by the persons of the Ingush nationality was attacked the battalion of the army part 6801 (the settlement Dachnoe,the North Ossetia), 20 military men have been taken in hostage. The weapon,the ammunition,the combat material and the property of the battalion have been plundered. As a result of bombardment of the army part 3402 the sergeant A. I.Volkov was fatally wounded and the private soldier I.A. Denisov was wounded (the village Olginskoe,the North Ossetia).
By 14:10 the Ingush armed formations have closely approached the surburbs of Vladikavkaz. The storm of the industrial enterprises and establishments has begun. The armed clashes with the Ingushs were marked in the area of the medical institute.
At 14:43 the Ingush gangs have reached the sanatorium " Ossetia " ( the southern surburb of Vladikavkaz). The Ingush armoured motor-cars began to get into the city.
At 15:40 on the highway Kartsinskoe have been disarmed the crew of the armoured motor-car of the army operative group. By 17 o'clock have been seized and disarmed the check points - 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28.
At 19:20 the Ingushs have disarmed the senior lieutenant Tishkin,the lieutenant Viktorov and the 23 soldiers of the army part 3186.
At 21:30 from the city Мalgobek (Ingushetia) through Kambileevka has passed about 20 tanks and plenty of motor transport with people.
At 23:35 the heavy bombardment of the settlement Olginskoe ( the North Ossetia) has begun. At the surburbs of Vladikavkaz an intensive firing of the contradictory parties was conducted.
Such is the far incomplete chronicle of the first day of the war, untied by the Ingush national-extremists against the sovereign North Ossetia.

Oleg Doev. The newspaper " Motherland ". 1992. №12

     In the night from October,30 for October, 31st, 1992 the Ingush military formations have crossed the border of the North Ossetia Republic from Nazran, have entered the frontier settlement Chermen and have begun military operations on the capture of the territory of the sovereign republic. The intrusion has served as a signal for the fifth column - many thousands of Ingushs, living in the Suburban Region of Ossetia and in Vladikavkaz, - they have immediately supported the gangsters, having come from Ingushetia. The attack was sudden, perfectly prepared, thought over up to trifles. It was known, who was liable to destruction first of all and what quantity of hostages needed to be seized and at once forwarded to Nazran. In the settlement Chermen the ossetian houses have begun to flare, the property of the ossetians and the large horned cattle were conveyed,the people at the slightest resistance were destroyed... One of the first have begun the fight against the Ingush bands the employees of the Chermen village department of militia. They battled up to the last, but the forces were too unequal. Only in three days after these fights it was possible to convey the lost disfigured corpses of the killed defenders and the peace inhabitants of the settlement Chermen, and such they have been seen by all.The next day, approximately at midday, on the republican TV to the citizens of the North Ossetia has addressed the Chairman of the Supreme Council Akhsarbek Galazov. He has declared about the direct armed aggression of the band formations of Ingushetia against the sovereign North Ossetia and has called the multinational people of the republic to rise on the protection of the Native land.Perhaps only the settlement Chermen was hard to defend, and there were great losses, especially among the peace inhabitants. The fierce fights were conducted in the settlement Yuzhniy, in the area of the furniture association "Kazbek", and it is almost in the boundary of Vladikavkaz.Here battled the local civil guardsmen and the volunteers from the South Ossetia. By the evening of November,2 the Ingush bands have been beaten out from the settlement Yuzhniy. The Ingush snipers managed to put out of action and transmission the line of the water-fence, and almost a day the most part of the city Vladikavkaz remained without water. One more site of military operations was the regional center of the settlement Octyabrskoe and the neighboring villages. In hard street fights, sustaining losses, the guards, the special detachment of militia,the volunteers from the South Ossetia gradually beat out the Ingush groupings from the villages of the Suburban Region: Каrts, Octyabrskoe, Каmbileevskoe, Dachnoe, Кurtat. In the released settlements it became known about the new facts of crimes. One of them has been committed in the club of the settlement Karts, where the receded Ingush insurgents have shot 25 hostages. These days hundreds of thousands of the inhabitants of Ossetia crowded at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, at the buildings of the House of Councils,at the district executive committees. All of them demanded to give out the weapon for defence. But the management of the republic and has not gone on mass delivery of the weapon. Whether being afraid, that the situation could finally come under control, whether their were no more weapon... At all the sites the real heroism was shown by the militia of the North Ossetia,by the special detachment of militia, the guards, and by the troops of the national home guard. Very important, especially in the first days, was the fighting experience of the troops from Tskhinval. But they sustained losses too. The ossetians here again have not changed the bitter tradition of the times of the Great Patriotic War. The republic has shuddered, having heard about the loss in the fight of the three brothers Slanovy.
    By the end of the new week practically all the Ingush bands have been beaten out behind the limits of the North Ossetia.
It is impossible to forget these facts, in order not to stumble on them again. As there will always appear forces, who will strike Russia it in back at an unnecessary moment !

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