Children of Beslan will go on a visit to King of Jordan.

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 The tragedy of Beslan has responded in the hearts of all the world. Many countries have responded to the pain of the small ossetian town. Israel, France, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, many resorts of Russia have invited the children to treatment and rest.
On October, 30th ,2006 under the invitation of the king of Jordan Abdalla II to for the autumn vacation to Amman will go 90 schoolboys from Beslan, having suffered during the terrorist act in September, 2004.
On May, 15th, 2006, during the Ceremony of rewarding of the King of Jordan Abdalla II of the International premium of Andrey Pervozvanniy « Dialogue of civilizations » by the chairman of the Board of guardians of the Center of National Glory of Russia and the Fund of the Sacred apostle of Andrey Pervozvanniy V.I.Yakunin, the Jordanian monarch has expressed the desire to invite the children from Beslan on rest and rehabilitation to Amman. Assistance in the organization of this trip have rendered the North-Caucasian railway, the Center of National Glory of Russia and the Fund of Andrey Pervozvanniy, which will provide a flight on a route Russia - Jordan - Russia. The coordinators of the given project are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Office of the Jordanian Hashimitskiy Kingdom. In 2004 the king of Jordan, esteemed in the Muslim world as the 43-rd descendant of Мuhammad, has resolutely condemned the actions of terrorists in Beslan. The statement of His Majesty about the incompatibility of religion and extremism has laid down into the basis of the « Аmman message » ,under which have put signatures the Muslim leaders of many countries of the world.
It is planned, that the guests from Russia will meet the royal family. The children of Beslan will be able to communicate personally with their contempoparies, to get closer acquainted with the history, traditions and culture of Jordan. The young Russians will take a trip about the desert, will visit the Bedouins and the royal yacht-club, will take part in harvesting olives and will receive lessons on manufacturing a mosaic - one of the traditional local crafts.
To the opinion of the organizers of the action, the visit of the Jordanian Kingdom, showing an example of peaceful co-existence of two monotheistic religions - islam and christianity, - will be improving for children, in its direct, and figurative sense. This action is carried out within the limits of the forum « Dialogue of civilizations ». Conducting of such dialogue presumes to prevent the tragedies similar Beslan in the future, and to keep the fragile peace on our planet. On November, 7th the schoolboys from Beslan will come back home.


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